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Aluminum Application No. 6--Household Aluminum

author: China Aluminum Extrusion and Precision Machining
       In the past 100 years, the changes in the application of furniture materials can be described as the norm that the furniture and home industry is constantly exploring and launching new and changing products. From stone, bamboo, rattan, wood, iron, steel, aluminum to aluminum-wood combination and so on. Aluminum profiles are widely used in various furniture, home furnishing and accessories products due to their natural lightness, easy plasticity, and rich color properties, such as skirting lines, ceiling decorative frames, wall panel decorative lines, furniture sliding doors Tracks, shower room frames, cabinet door frames, outdoor furniture, furniture handles, to today's all-aluminum furniture.

Because furniture and home furnishing are closely related to people's lives and have closer distance and contact than door and window materials, the requirements for product surface quality are more detailed and strict. Whether aluminum furniture is significantly cheap depends on the details. Care must be taken in the welding of aluminum alloy doors, whether the paint surface is natural or not, whether the texture is clear, whether there are scratches or bubbles and other defects.

Brilliance Group has many years of experience in aluminum furniture and home decoration materials, starting from the front-end control of the composition of aluminum ingots and aluminum rods, first selecting high-quality aluminum rods with high homogeneity and few impurities, to the design and polishing of molds. Higher requirements ensure that the surface of the extruded billet has no obvious lines on the surface and other control before surface treatment, so as to ensure that the finished product has a high pass rate and stable quality.