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Aluminum Application No. 5--Automotive Aluminum

author: China Aluminum Extrusion and Precision Machining
The 300 billion blue ocean of the automotive aluminum market

As an important issue in the new energy vehicle industry, lightweight is a difficult problem that major car companies have been working hard to solve in recent years. Industry insiders believe that in the foreseeable future, a lightweight solution composed of aluminum and aluminum alloy bodies is the only option. According to a research report by Caitong Securities, for every 100 kg of aluminum alloy used in a car, at least 225 kg of weight can be reduced, thereby reducing the cost of energy use.
Another data shows that for every 10% weight loss of new energy vehicles, the cruising range can be increased by 5%-6%. A study by the European Aluminium Association said that for an electric vehicle such as the Golf, using an all-aluminum body would cost 1,015 euros more for the same range, but save 1,650 euros in battery costs. This also means that the energy cost of saving energy is enough to cover the increased cost of using aluminum alloy materials.
With the rapid development of China's new energy vehicle market, there is a broad market space for automotive aluminum derived from the trend of lightweight vehicles. According to a research report by Caitong Securities, it is estimated that by 2025, the amount of aluminum used in a single vehicle of 215 kilograms of fuel for passenger cars and 390 kilograms of aluminum used in a new energy vehicle will be used. The market space of aluminum alloy parts is expected to reach 336.57 billion yuan.
----- From "Sina Finance"
Taking Tesla as an example, its Model S and Model X series both use an all-aluminum body structure, while the Model 3 and Model Y use a steel-aluminum hybrid body structure, of which Model 3 uses more than 30% of aluminum.
NIO's ES8 model adopts an all-aluminum body structure, and the all-aluminum structure is as high as 96.4%; Chery New Energy has launched an all-aluminum pure electric vehicle "Ant" series, which adopts "all-aluminum space structure + all-composite material outer cover". It has also become a classic model in the matrix of domestic new energy vehicles.
What's more, BYD has announced that it will stop the production of fuel vehicles from March 2022, specializing in pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.